Friday, August 27, 2010

something new to learn

Happy Friday!
It has been another crazy week around here, but isn't it always?!
I have been trying to get some things in order this week and although it hasn't been much fun, it is time well spent. Working on that goal list ya know.
One of my main goals is to re-do my website(working on it) and add prints to my line. I know, I know, I said I would never do them, but I'm doing them! I have had too many people ask for them not to go ahead and offer them. This will also allow me to do some whole selling and raise my prices on original work. It is time since I am selling through 50% of my work at shows. That's a good thing and it has been a long time in coming.
So my darling husband, my biggest supporter, bought me a printer!! Oh my gosh, now I have to learn how to work it. It is a little much right now, as i just scored some new Photoshop software from a local thrift store I was volunteering at. It was just a blessing to unload that just donated box and find a brand new Photoshop 6.0, never used, waiting for my grubby little hands. To top it off it cost me $10!! I know it's not the newest version but it will be more than enough for what I need.
It will be a challenge to learn all this at once because I am not very technically inclined. Remember, I can't even operate a sewing machine! But I'm excited to grow my business and move forward. It has been a long journey.
Next week I will share the 3 best things I have done to grow my business.
I hope you are moving towards your goals too.


  1. You have a lot of manual reading to do this weekend :) Awesome Photoshop find! What a steal!

  2. Oh your husband is so sweet! What a gift!! That just looks like a whole lotta fun! ;) I hope sometime to be able to do my own prints as well. I can't wait to hear next week's post about growing your business!!

    Thank you so much for joining in and showing us what you have been working on this week! :)

  3. Great buys Jill! You are going to love them! I'm excited for you. Your previous post made me laugh. My husband has thought I had creative ADHD too! Have a great weekend.

  4. Sounds like things are happening for you. Great score with Photoshop. I just got my printer, too! Wooohoo! Keep us posted!

  5. Hi certainly DID SCORE! I wish you great success with the new software and will be checking back to see some of the wonderful projects you come up with. :))

    Have a wonderful weekend sweet lady!


  6. jill, that's so exciting! proud of you, girl...

  7. I am finally trying to print my art pieces too. Just found the button to make the best quality when making prints. didn't know it existed. and then there is choosing paper. sheesh too much to learn...

  8. wow, $10 for photoshop!?! score!

    best of luck in your techno-quest. :D

  9. What a blessing your find is. Good luck learning to use it, I am afraid of it. Hope you have a great day.

    Cha Cha

  10. Those are always the hardest parts of my business for me. Doing the admin side of things! My hubs is a great support for mine, too. Can't wait to hear your tips next week!

  11. How exciting about finding elements for $10. Fabulous. Way to go at your shows! Very exciting. Wishing you all the best as you learn how to use your new printer. Happy Saturday.

  12. Oh, fun! A new adventure and working on those goals! Applause to you for making the print move and upping your original prices. We only have so much time don't we? We can only make so many originals and then we have to sleep ... oh, and eat too, oh and there are some relationships in there to tend to...yeah, so much to create, and so little time!

    I love the sneak peek from last Friday too! Love to see creative space. Your blog is darling also!


  13. I was just scrolling down to see some of your art -- I LOVE the cherries! It's just such a fun piece -- makes me feel like if I had a piece like that in my house, I would be reminded that everyday there are unexpected gifts around every corner!

  14. I am so very EXICTED for you Jill. And now more people will have the opportunity to be encouraged by your work. I think its a great idea.

  15. Thanks for all your encouraging comments!
    I know, $10 right!!!