Friday, October 22, 2010

shameless self promotion

Should I feel ashamed, promoting myself??
No, i shouldn't but even after all this time, mostly i still do.
This thought hit me this week, several's finally sinking in.
As i was talking about my plans for the evening with a artist friend this week, telling her about the 12 beautiful women who were to join my mixed media workshop that night, she asked "what workshop"?! Mind you, this was a good, artistic friend, who I paint with all the time. I've been doing workshops for 3 years and never once had I mentioned them to her. It hit me.
During the workshop, I'm talking to the girls about my background and one of them asked, how long did it take you to start calling yourself a professional artist. My answer, 2 years after i started selling my work. 2 YEARS! It hit me.
Later that week, I'm talking to a neighbor, who has been my neighbor for 8 years who asked me what I was always loading my truck up with. After I tell her artwork for the art shows I do, she says " really, I didn't know you were an artist". Mind you, this is a person who has been to my house for dinner, a friend and never had I mentioned to her i was an artist!? REALLY! It hit me.
Take a look at my FACEBOOK page if you get a chance. I have a ton of 'friends' who are artists and when you go to there page, you know it. They have their work shown and they are promoting themselves. Not me. Just randomness shown, no substance on who I am, what I do.
Is anyone feeling me on this? Why do we do this??
Is it because our art is so deeply personal? Is it because it feels like a piece of our heart? Is it because we don't feel worthy? Is it because we don't have a degree in art? Is it because we don't have a studio? Is it because it isn't a painting of a girl with a long neck and tilted head? Is is because we're scared we'll be laughed at? Is is because.....
What is your because?
Here are some photos of the Mixed Media Workshop I did this week with 12 creative goddesses.
BTW...I do workshops, lots of them and they ROCK!

Monday, October 18, 2010

Words i wish i wrote

Natasha Bedingfield performing Unwritten

Felt like dancing...

Have a happy Monday, live your PASSION!

Friday, October 15, 2010

ode' to my studio

Ode to my STUDIO...
Little room that greets me
always smiles even when I leave you dirty or alone
always welcomes me home
Little room that inspires
full of wonder
unfinished works already done in my mind
Little room that loves
never judges
holds me close
I'm the one you love most
You were created just for me!
I know she's messy right now.
Supplies spread all over,

Unfinished works, sleeping but not forgotten.

But she let's me play and get messy. Here is where I express myself and make mistakes.

Never thought i could find all that in a room!

Next Tuesday i am offering a TRU GODDESS Workshop to 12 creative Goddesses. In this workshop we will be using a variety of mixed media techniques to create a inspirational dream board. This is such a creative way of goal setting! Putting your dreams on canvas is a powerful exercise and I'm so excited see the hearts desire of these awesome women.

What is your hearts desire?? Make a dream board and set it by your bedside or on your bathroom sink. Give you dreams life and room to grow.

I would love to link up with you and see your Goddess Dream Board!

I'm hooking up with Jen over at JRU STUDIO today. Stop over and take a peek into Jen's studio. She is full of energy! Other creative spaces will be found there and it's a inspiring place to be on Fridays!

May you have a blessed weekend!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010


If you have been reading my blog, it didn't take you long to figure out that I can't spell! I know...a blogger that can't spell! But I can't and I depend on spellcheck to catch my mistakes. Often times this is like depending on mapquest, not 100% accurate! So I have been humbled many times as I'll read over a published post of mine, only to find I had misspelled something. CRAP!
What's really ironic is I use the written word in my artwork. So I'm a blogger who can't spell AND uses words in her artwork.
Not sure if I'm brave or just plain dumb but in this case ignorence is bliss.
What's wrong with this picture?
CHEERIES?? What! Did I really write CHEERIES?! CRAP!
Now what?

Came up with this solution and sold these pieces first thing at the next art show I did. Had to laugh! Luckily the client laughed too after sharing my mistake. So glad they didn't demand their money back.

Recently I learned that using words in art is called TYPOGRAPHY.
  • ty·pog·ra·phy n. pl. ty·pog·ra·phies 1. a. The art and technique of printing with movable type. b. The composition of printed material from movable type. 2. The arrangement and appearance of printed matter.
Wow, didn't know there was a name for this. So now I'm a Mixed Media Typography Artist.
So fancy!:)

I decided I would'nt hit "spellcheck" today, thought you would enjoy a good laugh.

I have a fun themed art project to share with you on Friday so stop over and visit! xo

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

No words, just JOY!

AWWWWWWWWWW! The Art Retreat! No words, just JOY and Gratitude!
Take a peek...

Flew into Sacramento and stayed Downtown for the night. Gorgeous city.

Lake Tahoe Baby!! Sunset the first night.

Just some of the art supplies...delish!

Lot's of late nights spent connecting, creating, and DANCING! The poor neighbors! Sorry no photos of this.

Hiking on the first day. Aspens just starting to change color.

WOW! How did we end up here? Fallen Leaf Lake. Thanks God:)

Hiking on the second day.

Ended up witnessing the annual salmon run, unbelievable! Thanks again God!

Last sunset on last night.

On the last night we were also blessed to witness a RAINBOW!


Our creative endeavours!

We all worked on collaborative pieces to take home. It was so cool to see each person contribute their talent. This was mine. It will be cherished!


We came, we laughed, we cried, we shared, and we connected!

We were fearless!

We were blessed!