Thursday, January 27, 2011

A Journey to Robin's Well

10x10'' gallery wrapped canvas
I can't believe how time is flying by a good way since I am enjoying the ride. Days aren't dragging, they are flying and it is just amazing how God's law is freedom. I have taken time to FILL UP as I walk along my journey of Faith. I was never really good at the filling up part before, wasting time and trying to fill the hole with lots of STUFF. Stuff that could never satisfy so I would just add more STUFF. What a amazing joy it is to drink of the Living Water and be quenched! I have been filling up with Him, creating art, getting organized still ( this is a journey in itself and not one I particually enjoy!) and spending lots of quality time with family and friends. You know what I mean by quality time, just being together and letting things happen.
I wonder what fills you up?
On one of my last posts I promised you that i would turn you on to some of my favorite bloggers. Women who inspire me, challenge me, and who lift me up in so many ways. True Blessings that I never expected to meet out here in this blogosphere.
Meet Robin !
She is a amazing Godly women who lifts people up and inspires them to be brave. She believes in herself and I just love that. Not in a cocky way, in a way that tells you that she has confidence in her Holy Maker.
Robin has a new e-book out (brave soul) called MY CREATIVE PEACE.
Here is what she says about the course...
THROUGHOUT the e-course, we will: -explore God's creativity -explore the beauty and VALUE of creativity -explore creativity as an act of worship -PINPOINT your creative journey -INTEGRATE CREATIVITY AND SPIRITUAL JOURNEY MORE DEEPLY
Robin was so nice to take the time to answer some questions for me about her journey.
· What inspired you to want to do this creative workbook? When I was fumbling my way through trying to figure out how to be more creative, I remember looking around book stores and libraries trying to find some guidance. For me Julia Cameron’s books (The Artist Way series) helped me immensely. But as I was going through I felt myself wanting to move into allowing my creative time to be a time of prayer and meditation. I had not come across any material that discussed that aspect and so I began to consider the idea of using my journaling as a means to create something for others to use.
· What are your intentions for this creative workbook? My initial intention was to create this as an e-course. I was all set to go and even began promoting it on the Internet. But a series of events occurred that got me to reconsider. One very important one was a woman sent me an email saying she found the course and though she couldn't afford to do the course, she wanted to thank me for creating something along the lines of what the course offers. This along with my desire to get back into serving in the local church caused me to temporarily move the course into this direction. My next step is to approach some local churches about offering the course within their small groups.
· How did you feel as you started to dive into the details and content of this creative workbook? FEAR AND GRATEFULNESS SIMULTANEOUSLY Fear because I was second guessing the idea that my experience of wanting to integrate creativity and Christianity is something others are desiring to do. Gratefulness for how much GOD has answered my prayer to want to take the limited time I Have and let it be a time where I experience GOD and feel incredibly fulfilled.
· How did you feel when you started to promote the creative workbook? I felt this relief about knowing I had done all I could do as far as putting my words and my art together in a manner that is aesthetically pleasing and in a way that anyone can pick up the workbook and begin. I am so excited because I have seen GOD do unexpected things! When I think I am doing something for one purpose, GOD is FABULOUS about taking it and doing more than we can ever ask or THINK!
· Can you offer any advice to someone who is contemplating doing something they have never done before?
If you really sense GOD is moving you in a new direction, you cannot FAIL! CANNOT! Take the little steps; the little things you KNOW TO DO. The steps may feel like you are bumbling around in the dark. It really did feel that way for me. And then you have this "suddenly" moment where you find yourself in the middle of this thing that is BIGGER than you and yet is THE MOST SATISFYING SPACE. And then rest in it and ENJOY IT.
What an way to fill up! GOD AND ART!
I'm in and can't wait to get my hands on this book.
Thank you Robin for being brave and encouraging others to FILL UP!

Wednesday, January 19, 2011


Is this my new normal?
Living in the not knowing and feeling so safe and satisfied.
Giving you each of my days, letting go of MY plan.
Not thinking about the dropping ball or the ticking of the clock.
Being free to just BE and offering all of myself to the world.
I prayed for peace, now give me the GRACE to sit a while in this place.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

More on Being Real

In keeping with the spirit of my last post, I wanted to share this video from country singer BRAD PAISLEY. If you have never seen it, check it out...totally hysterical! Always makes me laugh. And it is so true! Here in blogland I often wonder what people are REALLY like? I have had the pleasure of meeting some of you and can honestly say your blog doesn't do you justice! I also know a few people who blog and they are nothing like the blogs they write. So sad because it shows in their writing. Don't get me wrong, I try and put my best foot forward too, as I do in my everyday real life. No one wants to log onto a whiny, bitchy blog everyday (and believe me I can be those things like what I'm kinda doig right now!). But I also try and keep it real. As I've posted before, I never expected to blog about my faith journey as often as i do and I thought people that posted their kid's pictures were asking for trouble. I just thought I would have a cute little art blog that would promote my work and workshops. I have grown to trust you and myself more through blogging and now post any old thing, when ever the mood hits me. This is not a numbers game for me, it is an extention of who I am. Not saying I don't try to encourage or inspire you and I'm not saying I would mind more followers. Just saying I would rather have 10 followers on a similar journey, then 4000 followers who really don't care to have a connection with me or what I care about or struggle with. I feel so blessed that this blog is growing and you actually care about reading it! In the next few week I am going to invite you to check out some of my favorite blogs. These blogs are written by genuine women who have touched my heart. Jen at FINDING HEAVEN is like that. Stop over and visit her for a glimpse into her authentic life and journey of Faith. Enjoy the show...