About Me

I'm a Mixed Media Artist

Lover of....
  biting off more than I can chew
 my awesome girlfriends
 all forms of art (fine and unrefined)
 nature and animals
  food, is chocolate a food group?
 fighting for the underdog
scuba diving in my before kids life

 I like making a difference in the world and loving with my whole heart!

I was born in Washington DC, and come from a long line of creative, Renaissance women. From an early age, my single mother taught me to be independent and take chances. I was told to make the best of any situation and that has nurtured my creative spirit. I briefly went to college where I took classes in art, psychology, and child development. Feeling stifled in college, I moved from the DC area in pursuit of ME.
Being influenced by travel and the people I met along the way, I rediscovered my early passion for art and creativity. I’m a self-taught artist and have had the pleasure of taking many creative courses and workshops from amazing artists around the country.
 My artistic style is inspired by the Holy Spirit, is carefree and has a youthful approach. I enjoy working in mixed media, because it allows me the freedom to explore many techniques and a variety of mediums. I have owned my art business for 7 years and enjoy watching it grow and evolve organically.

 I have been married to the love of my life for 15 years and have been Blessed with 2 incredible children, and 2 small, yippy dogs!