Friday, October 15, 2010

ode' to my studio

Ode to my STUDIO...
Little room that greets me
always smiles even when I leave you dirty or alone
always welcomes me home
Little room that inspires
full of wonder
unfinished works already done in my mind
Little room that loves
never judges
holds me close
I'm the one you love most
You were created just for me!
I know she's messy right now.
Supplies spread all over,

Unfinished works, sleeping but not forgotten.

But she let's me play and get messy. Here is where I express myself and make mistakes.

Never thought i could find all that in a room!

Next Tuesday i am offering a TRU GODDESS Workshop to 12 creative Goddesses. In this workshop we will be using a variety of mixed media techniques to create a inspirational dream board. This is such a creative way of goal setting! Putting your dreams on canvas is a powerful exercise and I'm so excited see the hearts desire of these awesome women.

What is your hearts desire?? Make a dream board and set it by your bedside or on your bathroom sink. Give you dreams life and room to grow.

I would love to link up with you and see your Goddess Dream Board!

I'm hooking up with Jen over at JRU STUDIO today. Stop over and take a peek into Jen's studio. She is full of energy! Other creative spaces will be found there and it's a inspiring place to be on Fridays!

May you have a blessed weekend!


  1. I LIKE your studio! The dream board sound awesome. I've never tried that!

  2. Jill..I truly adore your work space. It just says..welcome..come on in and enjoy the sunshine. This Was A Wonderful Post And I Sincerely Enjoyed My Visit. Here's Hoping You Have A Blessed And Productive Weekend.

  3. what a sweet tribute to your room...i love how you say "holds me close,never judges...she let's me play and get messy. Here is where I express myself and make mistakes." I love my art room for those same reasons...and what i really love is now i can visualize beautiful you sitting there in that chair!
    enjoy your workshop!
    love ya...

  4. This is awesome -- such a place of freedom and peace. Although I am normally an organized person, I do find myself sometimes reveling in messiness when I am working and have stuff spread all over (but don't tell anyone!)

  5. Jill, I agree with your little poem...I feel so grateful to have a special place, too. One can't create without a little messiness, right? :)

  6. Love your studio Jill... but I have to disagree... she doesn't seem all that messy to me! ;) I always seem to work with a mess around me. Your workshop sounds like FUN! Thanks for the peek this week! :)

  7. I love your space! So much light :). And I'm pretty sure it's not as messy as you think it is!!

  8. How creative! I can so identify with your ode...and I'm loving the straw hats as a cornice over the window...


  9. Hi sweet friend, you have been in my mind and heart all week. So good to hear about this workshop you are doing. I am praying that these participants will be set free to create and walk more fully into the lives they were meant to live.