Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Dare to Share Tuesday

Because of my very short attention span, I have decided to switch things up, that's just the kinda girl I am. Some call it ADHD, I call it creativity, my husband calls it ADHD! I have just learned to embrace the fact that I get bored and need a change. I tell him he's lucky I haven't gotten bored with him:)
Although I loved doing my Dare to Love Monday posts, met some amazing artists and bloggers, I just feel like 10 weeks of that was plenty. I will on occasion continue to do some guests posts though. Thank you to all my blog world friends who visited with us on these Monday posts.
It was so good to meetcha!

I hope to take that same concept and make it more broad, connect with more of you. On Tuesdays (for awhile anyway) I want to invite you over to blog about a topic of the week. Share with us what your thoughts are. I am always inspired by hearing other peoples opinions, suggestions and input.

Who is your favorite creative blogger and why?
I hope this will inspire us all and Dare us To Share...


  1. ~ Alisa Burke
    She just blows me away sometimes!! She is so amazingly creative and talented. I love her use of color and style. She can turn anythng into a work of art. She blogs everyday, has a lot of diversity of post topics and I just wanna be her friend! Love her!

  2. Wow, Just visited her site and was very impressed and inspired. Thanks for the recommendation. I've been enjoying Bev. a lot lately. Her combination of spirit, soul and art is very uplifting. http://myawakenedheart.blogspot.com/2010/08/to-have-and-to-hold.html

  3. Bev is a great inspiration and witness!!