Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Back to School and randomness

Summer 2005
Summer 2010
Today my kids went back to school. This is a new school for them so we all had mixed emotions but mostly we were excited. I was more excited on the way to school thinking, awww my days are mine again! I can get organized, set some goals, lunch with girlfriends, go to the gym, get more time in the studio, begin a new bible study, keep my house clean, etc...those with little ones know this list well.
I walked them to their new classrooms and as all the kids stared at the new kids, it hit me. They are growing up and becoming their own little people. Now if you know my kids you are probably asking, 'really jill, you're just figuring that out?' My kids are very independent and we raised them that way. But YES, I'm just realizing that every year I have to let them go a little more, a little further, for a little longer. That reality is setting in. I know the day will soon come when they won't want to hang around with their old mom and dad anymore and they will pick their friends to share thoughts and feeling with. So today we moved down the road called life and I watched my babies (ok they are in 4th and 5th grade, but they are MY BABIES!) be brave and grow. I was so blessed to see this side of them and very grateful to be their mom. I wondered all day how they were doing so seeing the smiles on their faces as i picked them up was a precious moment of relief. How do (or did) you feel when your kids go back to school? I would love to hear your story.
On a totally different note...
It is the season finale tonight of the NEXT GREAT ARTIST on BRAVO. I really enjoyed this show and I'm gonna miss my Wednesday night date with the tube. Is anyone else watching?? Who do you think will win? I vote for Abdee but I think it will be Miles. Can't wait to watch!!!!
Lastly I wanted to invite you to be a guest on my DARE TO LOVE MONDAY posts. I always try and choose someone who follows my blog and who inspires me to grow. Your blogs do that for me so consider this an open invitation. I really feel like our blogs are a community so if you follow me, I follow you. I want to know and support those that know and support me, simple as that. So if you are interested in a visit, leave a comment or contact me directly. I really do love Mondays because i get to know you more.
Talk to you on Friday.


  1. Awe! Kids grow up so fast. Glad to hear their first day in a new school went well! I have to say I might cry when my baby, Kaelyn goes to school... she on the other hand can't wait. :)

  2. Did I ever tell you I would have named my second child, had he been a boy, Kaelyn?? Kinda cool to have that connection.
    Sounds like you are raising an independant child too. Thanks for the kind words Jodi.

  3. your babies..brave and strong! they are growing up, enjoy every minute because it goes by in a flash. it doesn't seem like it at the time, but it does. goodness, reading this kind of put a lump in my throat, as i thought of the same things this morning as aidan(oldest grandson, starting 3rd grade!)got ready for his first day of school! since the grandkids are living with us, i was able to help see him off this morning! it was sweet...
    btw...the kids and grandkids are moving out next week!!! god has brought forth many blessings for them...
    love ya!