Monday, August 16, 2010

Dare to Love Mondays!

Happy Monday uniquely creative friends!
I have something a little different then usual on this most amazing Monday morning. No interview, but some great food for thought to get you through your week. Last week I talked about living in the here and now, which is something i am just learning to do. The other thing I am just learning to do is set goals for myself. So how do setting goals and living in the here & now really go hand and hand?? Sounds kinda like a contradiction doesn't it? It's really not a contradiction at all , but an essential ingredient to living in the present and here is why... when we set goals for ourselves it frees our mind from clutter and distractions. It helps us to create a road map to finding the dreams our hearts have been yearning for. We can't get to someplace we've never been without a map! I have found that the best way to set goals is by creating long range goals, short range goals and a daily to-do list to help me get there. Think of it as a road have your destination (long range goal), you make your pit stops along the way (short range goals) and you have all your supplies to make the ride more comfortable (daily goals).
I start with my long range goals first, let's say a five year plan. Where would you like to be in 5 years?? Write it down and dream BIG. Give yourself permission to want those dreams. Remember this is your destination point, the place you look out over the horizon and say "I did it"!
Next you look at the year ahead. How much of that 5 year plan do you want to have checked off? What steps do you need to take to accomplish this? This is your pit stops, where you refuel and reexamine that road map. Are you on track to get to your destination?
Lastly, daily goals. I like to do this on Sunday nights or Monday mornings. I look at my calendar and plug in any scheduled commitments to my weekly to-do list. Next I like to schedule my daily responsibilities(working-out, bible study, cleaning, dog walking) because for me these are things that can quickly get dismissed or forgotten. Then I simply fill in the blanks with any personal or business goals I would like to accomplish for the week. The purpose of the weekly calendar is to make the journey more comfortable, more enjoyable. This is where the living in the now really takes place. I find that once I have a plan for the week I can appreciate the ride, just kick back and be joyful in the journey. I find this also really helps to keep my priorities straight. For me that is God, family, friends and my artwork. I think about this weekly when I write my list. When i know what my priorities are and when I know what I want my destination to look like, it is easy to turn it over because I know I am doing the best i can, with the gifts I was given. I want to share a great on-line resource for helping you to stay on track with your creative business goals... Check it out. As a blog community, we are in this together. Share with us any tools or resources that you have found to make your journey more enjoyable. Take it one day at a time, one check box at a time and enjoy the ride!


  1. Thanks for sharing that website! I find I'm really good at setting short term goals, but not so much long term ones ;)

  2. Beautifully written~ always a good reminder...Thanks!