Monday, August 2, 2010

Dare to Love Monday!

It is my pleasure to introducing you to the talented MILK AND HONEY HANDBAGS!!
I have to tell you a secret...I am seriously envious of seamstresses. My mom and sister are both very talented seamstress, my sister is even a Fashion Designer in LA. I think God just skipped me on this gift because I just don't get it. Every time I try to sew something it looks like I got in a fight with the sewing machine and there is no doubt who won. I will only attempt to sew a button if my mom is out of town on vacation and my Husband is missing a button on his only black suite that he has to wear to a funeral the next day. And even when that happened it looked like a mini chocolate chip had dropped on his suite and landed smack dap in the middle of his button. I was just embarrassed for him and myself, IT'S A BUTTON ! My sweetie forced a sewing machine on me, thinking I just needed a class and some encouragement. Didn't work, there was just too many options and gadgets and It looked like someone with man hands and tremors tried to make a pillow, IT'S A PILLOW! The poor instructor was even embarrassed.
So it with great enthusiasm (and slight envy) that I introduce you to Amanda...
More about Amanda...
1. Why did you decide to start a blog? I started a blog because I love to read blogs. I wanted to get involved in the blogging community and use my blog as another outlet for creative expression. 2. Who is your favorite blogger? Please post their link. I think my favorite blogger would be Tara from Scoutie Girl - her posts are always so insightful and inspiring. 3. What is the best way you have found to promote yourself and your ETSY shop? I really struggle with self promotion. I have found the most success through renewing items on Etsy throughout the day. 4. What made you want to become a seamstress? I met a girl who had made the skirt she was wearing and a matching purse. I thought to myself, hey, I could do that. I asked for a sewing machine for my birthday and fell in love. 5. Where do you get your inspiration? I am inspired by color and fabric. Nature, old photographs, and movies also inspire me and influence my designs.

Thanks for the visit Amanda. Please stop by her blog and shop to see her sweet bags!!

Have a inspired week!


  1. Nice interview! Amanda's blog is great, and I just bought one of her little pouches. :) It's even cuter in person (if that's possible)!

  2. Thanks Jill! Your sewing stories made me laugh :)

  3. Thank you Amanda!!
    Your work is beautiful and it was my pleasure having you stop in to visit.

  4. isn't she a doll? her stuff is adorable.