Monday, August 9, 2010

Dare to Love Monday!

Happy Monday!!! I am so pleased to introduce to you a wonderfully creative blogger.
Meet ROBIN NORGREN from Well of Creations!
Many of you may know Robin as she is very active on the creative blogging boards and she is always willing to offer encouragement and support to her fellow bloggers. LOVE THAT!
Even if you know Robin and follow her, I hope you'll enjoy getting to know her more.
I found this quote from Robin on her ETSY profile and this seems to fit her to a T...
"My Creativity has been a wonderful vehicle for me to connect to GOD and to explore life, making it incredibly fulfilling."
1. Why did you decide to start a blog?
I decided to start a blog because I have always dreamed of writing. But the idea of actually writing a book intimidates me. For quite a long time I kicked around the idea of starting a blog but did not know where to begin as far as what I would really have to talk about on a regular basis. Then in 2009, my husband was deployed with the Navy to Kuwait. I felt compelled to chronicle our journey as a family through that process and that is how “Journey to the Well” ( began. Later when I started an etsy shop, I began to chart the ups and downs of living a creative life on my second blog “Well of Creations” (
2. Who is your favorite blogger? Please post their link.
I cannot even BEGIN to tell you how hard this question is to answer. I am so very in love with the blogger community! This community has been my lifeline in times of isolation while my husband has been deployed over the years. What I can mention is my favorite one RIGHT NOW –HAHA! I have this habit of finding a blog I love and then reading through the archives-oh so very fun! It is Mati Rose of The Suspect Shoppe: http://www/
3. What is the best way you have found to promote your blog and ETSY shop?
I think having a blog calls for establishing yourself a little bit on the internet as a “presence” so I have found it to be a slow and steady process. Initially the blog was strictly an online diary that maybe someone would come across and find encouragement. Then when I started my etsy business, I began to integrate the things I wrote on a blog as things I could post as useful information for others on Twitter. I would have to say that Twitter has been the most helpful with getting the word out about who I am and what I make.
4. Describe to me what a day in your life may typically look like.
I am early riser - 5:00am! I usually have a set of internet tasks I like to get accomplished before my four year old wakes up for the day which is around 7:00am. The tasks usually included: -writing a post for one of the blogs -Writing submissions for one of the two other blogs I submit to ( or ) -editing pics from the day before either for blog posts or for new items to post in my etsy shop -Checking in on FB, Twitter, and leaving comments, checking email -Breakfast, watch a show and cuddle with little one, playtime outside for a bout 2 hours. -Lunch and little one has movie time while I sit near her to either crochet or to work on a mixed media piece -work on preschool type stuff through worksheets, reading, talking about different things we saw outside that day. - dinner and check in once more online to read a few blogs
5.I have recently become a follower on your CREATIVE BUSINESS GOALS BLOG, talk to us about that blog This blog was created as a result of an e-course I took offered by Kelley Rae Roberts ( back in June called “Flying Lessons.” What an amazing experience. Not just because of the information we received but because of the access we all received to other like minded creatives. As a result of that course, Cathy of The Crafty Alley ( set up this great blog as a way for anyone to post their creative goals and get some encouragement in the midst of others who are aspiring to achieve similar creative dreams. The blog is open to anyone who was to be a part of a group of creatives wanting to a place to be cheered on in their process.
I thought this creative business blog was written by Robin, but it's not, oops! I will talk more about this blog soon, but for today it's all about ROBIN! Please stop over and see her, get to know her more, help our connection with one another grow...Dare to LOVE!


  1. What a busy lady Robin is!! Great interview... it was so nice to learn more about her! :)


  2. Jill, thank you sweet one for such a beautiful write up. It encourages my heart like you CANNOT imagine.

  3. Then my prayers have been answered! It is just an honor to offer any small bit of encouragement to you.
    I really enjoyed the visit, especially the tip about twitter. Just another thing to add to my to do list!!

  4. nice interview jill, you ask such thoughtful questions...
    i do love robin's blog and art...


  5. I am such a huge fan of sweet Robin and it's wonderful to see her featured here! Very inspiring! Have a lovely merry happy day and love to you!