Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Wood Blocks

Invest n joy three 4x4" wood blocks

I'm always looking for new things to paint on. Repurposed art is so cool to me because it gives new life to old, worn out objects.

Recently I have been working with wood. I am really enjoying this! I love the dimension and texture of the wood and I can be rough with it. Sometimes I just like to hit things with a hammer!

I treat the wood like any other surface. First sand the edges, next gesso it , then add my collage elements and paint, finish with a gel medium for protection, then I add the hanging hardware to the back. EASY!

One tip... if wood is damp at all, allow it to dry out for 48 hrs.

Think of all the possibilities!


  1. I love the possibilities! My mind is spinning... Thanks for a lovely post.

  2. "Sometimes I just like to hit things with a hammer!"
    you are too funny! get those frustrations out!
    i used to do wood crafts years ago, i did enjoy it alot...just moved on to canvas..seems like we artists are always trying something different!

  3. i was laughing and forgot to comment on your art, i was so focused on your hammer remark...the blocks are beautiful!! looks like they have lots of texture. ok. i'm done now.

  4. I love these! Such a unique way to display your art, and so many different ways to do so. Fun!

  5. very cool - I love those! I'm following you now : ) I found you on etsy!