Friday, June 18, 2010

make a BLOG button

Have you been wondering how to make a blog button? It was only a few weeks ago that I even knew what a blog button was, let alone how to make one!! Blog buttons are cute little avatars that others use on their blog to invite people to your blog. Yeah, i love this! If done selectively on ones blog it can really offer great support to your fellow bloggers. Having said that, personally I find it distracting to see 99 blog buttons and advertisements on someone's blog side bar. But that's just me :)
SOOO, how to make one?? I did a tiny bit if research but I'm convinced I found the easiest way to make one because I figured it out! I am so NOT tech savvy and if I could do it anyone can.
This is the link for the tutorial i followed. It took me 30 min. to make but probably will take you 15 min.
Just take it step by step and soon you'll have a cute lil' grab my button avatar thingy.
Have a blessed weekend! Don't forget to check out my guest on DARE TO LOVE Monday.


  1. Thanks for the tip! I was wondering how to do that myself!

    We have some great new pics on the blog:

  2. Thanks! that is great to know! :)

  3. No problem, happy to. i hope I saved you some time and effort.
    Thanks for the comments.