Monday, June 14, 2010

Dare to LOVE Mondays

You know how some of your blog followers actually feel like friends? How you seem to develop connections with people thousands of miles away and you have never met them? To me this is the most amazing part of blogging and an unexpected blessing. Meet Bev, she's a friend, a blessing, and an inspiration!

I've had the pleasure of getting to know Bev and her heART and I want to share her with you. What I like most about Bev's work is it inspires a connection to Christ. I picked these 5 questions just for Bev. I hope you'll stop over to her shop and blog to check out more of her inspirational artwork.

Dare to love!

What are your top 5 personal or professional goals for yourself at this time? My immediate personal goals are to push through this fear of rejection when it comes to my art and to build an online presence for my Etsy store. I am learning through Kelly Rae's class that we all have these fears. I have this thing in my head that tells me I am different that way...the only one who has those fears! But I am learning otherwise. I really have been in a comfort zone for a very long time...raised our boys, good job, near retirement...and this art thing is scaring the heck out of me! As for professional goals...I am at the end of the road for that, retirement is less than two years out, and my art is not something I plan to make a new career out of...we have too many other plans!!

Who is your favorite blogger? Please post their link? I visit a blog called Soul Aperture, and the woman's name is Christina. She is an amazing photographer, believer, culinary genius. Her gentle spirit just oozes from the monitor! You can find her at:

What inspires you most in your art? I am most inspired by my emotional and spiritual journey, whispers from my Lord and His word, music and nature.

Knowing that you are a follower of Jesus Christ, what is your favorite way to be close to Him? My favorite way would be my early morning ritual, when all is so still and quiet: *cup of coffee *my bible *"Utmost for his highest" devotional by Oswald chambers(I highly recommend it) *journal * curled up on the couch, with a quilt if needed! Second to that would be when we are in nature...camping, hiking, the coast, in the mountains.

If you could live anywhere and do anything, where and what would you do? My husband I have plans, God willing, to travel the United States after we retire. We want to sell our home, store the things of sentimental value and live full time in our travel trailer, traveling throughout this great nation, there is so much to see! When we are tired of it, we will figure it out then.


  1. wow jill, you know how to melt a girl's heart...thank you sweet friend for your loving words and fellowship! SO glad i have met you...

  2. you are a blessing girlfriend!

  3. Hi both of you Jill and Bev,

    These are good questions you asked Jill, I feel like I know Bev more personally now!Good to see fellow artists supportive of each other, it's very beautiful!