Friday, February 11, 2011

Outside My Comfort Zone

Ok, Ok....I know the last post was hard to take. Who do i think I am anyway??
Trust me...
I'm nobody and certainly didn't earn that day in any way.
It was awesome!
And I savoured every moment of it!!
So back to the day to day....
One of the goals I want to accomplish this year is to get back to the basics. In my art, my home, my health, my family. Try to live more simply and I guess more according to God's biblical plan for us all. I'm enjoying this and find it easier to do in some areas and harder in others.
My art is one of the hard areas.
Being a mixed media artist is so amazing to me because you're like a kid in a candy store holding a $100 bill. So many flavors, so much money. It's kinda like that in mixed media, so many supplies and techniques and your mind just goes to a happy place as you think of all the possibilities. Through my workshops I have discovered that this is not the case for all, and many artist find this to be a scattered, undisciplined medium that leaves them just plain frustrated. Funny, art truly is an extension of who we are.
With God knowing the direction I wanted to move in my life this year, He has so faithfully offered His guidance and has been sending all the right people. Faithful Sweet LORD!
One of my sweetest BFF's invited me this week to a figurative art class. I have not done figurative drawings in 20 years!! I was excited to be moving outside my comfort zone and get back to the basics of paper, charcoal and sketching the human form. We would be drawing 2, 1 minute poses; 2, 3 minute poses; and 2, 5 minute poses, with time after for painting. Really I thought it would be like riding a bike and I would pick up from where I left off 20 years ago.
Go ahead...laugh:)

They are funny!

BTW... the model is a beautiful, 25 year old girl that weighs about 100 lbs!


It's good to be humbled!


  1. it's also good to be a "beginner" at something- and i think you did great. altho she does look like she weighs in quite a bit over 100! ;)

  2. Oh my goodness friend! So so brave of you to post these pics AND so helpful to see for newbies like me! xoRobin