Monday, February 28, 2011

Choose Hope

"Look at the birds of the air,
that they do not sow, nor reap nor gather into barns, and yet your heavenly Father feeds them.
Are you not worth much more than they?"
Matt 6:26
If you have been here before, you know I'm crazy for birds! Note the new blog background:)
I just enjoy them so much, watching them , listening to them, photographing them.
I can even recognize many of their calls!
God willing, I will live to be the crazy old bird lady!
Last night we had a terrible storm and it poured down rain. The noise kept me up half the night, as the wind and rain hit the side of the house with such fury.
I awoke this morning to see my 11 yr old on the floor curled up in a ball. No room for her in the bed because all three dogs had already found refuge there, under the covers, afraid too from the storm. Many schools were delayed as homes and roads were struck with flooding water.
It was a mess!
the first sound I hear, besides the alarm, was the birds chirping outside my window.
After all the wind and beating rain, the birds sang out, happy.
This afternoon, the sun returned, and I captured these shots.
The birds were bathing and playing in my birdbath!!
How can it be that after such a terrible storm, these little guys could be playing and singing like that? Just like nothing happened, not a care in the world!

This scripture came to mind, it was also the reading at church this Sunday.

Where did these little guys go last night...where did they hide to be safe from the weather?

We have all been through storms, days upon weeks where we ask ourselves, "How am I gonna make it through this?!" Unfortunately for many, sometimes those days turn into years and we can become hopeless. Hopeless that the job will never come, the cancer will never heal, the house will never sell, the spouse will never return, the addiction will never stop, the child will never grow! Worry is such a burden to so many of us. It's that endless voice in our heads that nags and tears at us until we are heaped in the corner, defeated and alone.

Worry is the opposite of TRUST.

It is a lie.

LOOK AT THE BIRDS! His Word tells us to look at them...they do not worry. After the storm they play and sing, as if no storm ever came. Or maybe they are rejoicing in the aftermath of God's mercy.

I pray that whatever aftermath you are feeling today, good or bad, that you would see God somewhere in it. He is holding you in the palm of His hand, right this minute.

He is your hope, choose Him.

This is the start of a random series of posts called Choose Hope. Please pray with me that God would use our blogs to inspire HOPE in others and the desire to know Him more.

Linking up with my friend Jen at Finding Heaven today!

Thank you and may God Bless you!


  1. Hope is my word for the year, thank you for this beautiful post. I am truly seeing God in my aftermath, thanks for the reminder to look.

  2. What beautiful thoughts...I just took a little journey through my past via a little blue notebook and one of the reminders I had was worries are not of God....that they are a lie...and here I am being reminded again. He reminds us just when we need it.

  3. We had the same reading, too, and I referenced the same scripture in my post this morning. And you are so right -- no matter how bad the storm, the birds still arise and ... chirp! With joy. Such a tangible example that He provides and that joy comes in the morning! So glad you linked up today!

  4. i love that image of the birds--without a care in the world. thanks for this beautiful reminder to trust and rest. I need to hear that right now.

    and i chuckled at that crazy old bird lady line--love it. :)

    glad i found you at Jen's site!

  5. I've been hearing this a lot too! His command not to worry! I will pray with you. I choose trust!

  6. I love birds too Jill! I have recently begun to hear them sing in the mornings again. It renews my soul. I watch them and think of this verse. Worry does steal life doesn't it? I think today I will intentionally watch the birds and do as they do!

  7. Hi Jill...what a beautiful message in this post.
    I often wander about the birds when the weather is bad. We serve an awesome God...HE even takes care of our little feathered friends. I love to hear them sing a morning song. We too should wake up each morning and sing Praises to our Heavenly Father.
    Thank you for your sweet words today.

  8. You must live in Indiana. Never heard such a storm. Have you read the quote, I think from Emily Dickinson, "Hope is the thing with feathers that perches in the soul?" I've gifted birds so many times with that attached. I love your question, "Where did the birds go?" Somewhere they felt safe, I assume--just like we do in the storms.

    "From every stormy wind that blow, from every swelling tide of woes. There is a calm, a sure retreat, 'Tis found beneath the mercy seat." My favorite hymn.

  9. love the birds...they worry not, they just "are"...
    "Worry is the opposite of TRUST.
    It is a lie."
    seems you always say what i need to hear!
    i choose him...
    love and hugs jill...

  10. So apparently I'm suppossed to pay attention to this verse because this is the fifth or sixth time I've heard it this week!

    Ok, God I'm trying not to worry!

    Thanks for the post.

  11. I love this too! after the storm the birds chirping and yes, CHOOSE HOPE and this passage is so wonderful...well, do we believe it or not?...

    thanks for the awesome reminder and nice to 'meet' you again...i think our bloggy paths crossed before? i know you follow me;) and i'm going to make sure i follow you...hope you keep linking with jen and we can stay in touch:)

  12. you're blog looks great- and this font is so cool! :)

  13. I love the new feel over here. "He is my hope, choose Him." I will keep this with me all morning. xoRobin