Friday, December 31, 2010

TRU 2011

"Be true to yourself.
Knowing who you are
- that's the foundation for everything great."
Jay Z

GONE 20x16" encaustic

Jay Z is just so cool, I don't even like rap, but he is smooth and I would probably like his music.

That quote really hit me when I heard it. Being TRUE is a process as it takes time to know who we were truly made to be. God has had His hands full with me and I have fought Him most of my life. Being rather proud to call myself a fighter in the past, I now view it as my biggest defeat. I could have surrendered to Him sooner but I know He knew what He was getting into. And anyway this post is not about regret or mistakes, it is about hope. Hope that a new year will bring me closer to the greatness of who God has made me to be. Do I know myself yet? YES!!! I can say at 39 years young, I finally know myself. And what I know about myself is God made me to be uniquely me and He's not finished with me yet. Stubborn and crazy, deep and aloof, creative and quirky, caring and empathic, just me. And if that's good enough for Him then who I am to argue with the Lord of all?

In 2011, I pray that we will all continue to surrender to Him, day by day, moment by moment. I don't know about you but this surrendering thing is a process for me and sometimes I need to take it a minute at a time. But my Father knew that when He made me and today to sit in that love is the foundation of my life.

in 2007 when I started my art business I called it TRU original. T.R.U. means The Real U.

That's our destiny, that's our purpose.


Be safe tonight and enjoy YOURSELF!


  1. I don't think many of us make it "easy" on God. Ha! I've started to look at it as just as our kids can be so naughty and stubborn at times its just how we are to Him. We're lucky He loves us no matter what! I sure need to work harder on trusting Him. I always want to control things and I'm learning the hard way that's not how it works. We live, we learn. God is good. Have a wonderful New Years!

  2. Great post! Thank the Lord for all his blessings! Happy New Year ;)

  3. "Hope that a new year will bring me closer to the greatness of who God has made me to be."
    AMEN SISTER!! always a work in progress...
    happy, blessed new year...
    love ya jill!

  4. Happy New Year, Jill! So happy to have met a warm, creative, person like you this year!

  5. This rocks my friend! Here's to being TRU!

  6. Yes, yes, yes!! I relate and agree. Yes! Be you. The real you. The unique you. And it is good to discover and embrace who she is, isn't it? It is a journey of discovery that He leads us on.
    Thanks so much for the beautiful ornament. I LOVE IT!
    Happy New Year!
    love & grace,

  7. I am there with you, Jill, letting 2011 be the year of bringing me closer to the greatness God made me to be...fully surrendering to it! Blessings on your New Year!

  8. I've been searching for a word to encapsulate my new year ...I want something about Him being the've inspired me to blog about it..just might clarify it for me. Blessings Jill.