Friday, December 10, 2010

Ornament Exchange with Studio JRU

TGIF!! Are you feelin' me?
Looking back on my week, I am almost amazed at what I accomplished (even posted 3 times!). SOOOO, why was it such a long week? It should have flown by! Not complaining, just saying:)
Many of you know our dear and creative friend Jennifer from STUDIO JRU.
She is crazy talented and crazy organized and I well, feel into her trap! But I'm so glad I did because it was pure JOY to make and recieve 10 handmade Christmas ornaments.
Here is what I came up with.

Nothing too complex, just a mini canvas mixed media ornament with a black spiril wire hanger. I used acrylic paint, paper, stamps and of course gel medium.

Fun to make and I hope it was fun to recieve.

AND...drum roll please>>>>>>>Here is what I received!

I know, I know!! So good right?

What fun it was to go out to my mailbox each day and anticipate what would be waiting for me there. Even the kids were excited!

I would totally do this again, as it just reminded me of what a wonderful community we have built together. I had a piece of you, right there in my hands! Every time I log on, I feel like that way. I never knew when I started writing this blog that I would have the pleasure of being welcomed into your homes and hearts. I never knew I would grow to care about you and your struggles and triumphs. But God knew... and I'm so glad he led me to you!

I hope this Christmas Season is leading you to a deeper love of HIM!!

Stop over and visit Jennifer, STUDIO JRU, to see who made what.

THANK YOU for sharing your talent with me!


  1. Oh my goodness-you are right this was well worth the effort-beautiful pieces to be shared for years to come. So so lovely...

  2. Ah..Sweet Jill, your post brought tears. What a lovely expression of appreciation. I truly feel you there on the other end. Blogging has brought such wonderful people into my world, and I never would have imagined it. I too, realize it was God. Every Day In Every Way..He continues to bring Joy, Sunshine, And Surprises to my spirit. Blessings to you sweet friend, Terri

  3. Thank you Jill for your beautiful mini canvas! I love it! It's hanging on my tree along with everyone else' ornaments and it made this Christmas a very special one.

  4. Thank YOU! for the beautiful ornament I received...and I so want PEACE this Christmas! It was truly fun to be part of this whole experience! God bless and Merry Christmas!

  5. You are so sweet Jill! Your ornaments are fantastic! I am glad you fell into the trap. lol It is just amazing the friendships blogging has brought. Awesome. I am so happy God has brought us all together. I am grateful to call you friends. ♥ Merry Christmas!

  6. Oh how fun and how pretty!!! That sounds like something I'll want to sign up for next year ;)