Friday, June 24, 2011

Guess and Give Away

                                                               8x10" mixed media

Super excited (and kinda nervous) to give away this TRUoriginal!
This original piece of artwork was inspired by my kids and Psalms 17:8,
"Keep me as the apple of the eye, hide me under the shadow of the wings"
Followers, all you have to do to win is take a look at the photos and try and guess where my family and I went for our summer vacation. I will post 2 photos per post till we have a winner:)

                                                                Just out and about.

                                                               These were in bloom.

Have fun and thanks for playin:) Linking up up with Jennifer at STUDIO JRU....


  1. I love the verse so much. Great artwork.

  2. My guess if Florida . . . and your artwork is truly stunning.


    ps. Coming over from Soli Sisters.

  3. Ok...I don't know yet, but I am going to be trying as hard as I can to figure it out...I love that picture and my heart is beating fast because I can just see it in my possession....Can't wait to be the big winner...
    Great photos...
    have a good weekend..

  4. I'm going to guess Universal Studios? Your work looks beautiful...thanks for being willing to give it away!

  5. Ok... this is so fun! What a beautiful piece Jill. Love that verse! I just recently wrote it down in my 'to make something with' list. :) Hmm... I don't know where you are... yet! I will have to wait for more clues!

  6. I cannot figure out where you went, but the art robots look awesome! And I, too, love the inspiration from verses...very nicely done!


  7. I'll take a guess . . . in the Twin Cities?

  8. dropping by from Studio JRU~ love the blossom and perfect verse! enjoy your vacay!

  9. dang I see my answer already! Is it Universal Studios? what a fun giveaway!