Tuesday, June 28, 2011

guess and get give-away

Thanks for playing along on my give-away! I have never done a give-away before and it is fun!! It's a little tricky for me to pick out the picture clues...wanna make them easier as we go along but not completely give away the location. That wouldn't be any fun!

 Here's what you can win...

8x10" original mixed media art that was inspired by my kids and Psalm 17:8 ...
"Keep me as the apple of the eye, hide me under the shadow of thy wing"

Here are the picture clues...
                                                              Here deary, deary, deary.
                                               Apparently, wild dear are super friendly here!


                                                         One of the many beautiful views.

Think you know where we went for summer vacation??
 Take a guess in the comment section and the first one that guesses the location, wins! Yeah! I am having way too much fun with this:)

xo, Jill


  1. It is not Universal Studios, but sounds like we need to go there:)

  2. =) Well, I haven't hardly been anywhere...so guessing is difficult for me!

    I wish I knew where you lived...and then that would help.

    I think those Mountains look like Mountains in Virginia...did you possibly go to Washington, DC and may that other picture was from a Museum?

    NY? We have nice mountains here...? I'm not sure. =)

  3. I live in Indiana...hope that helps with guessing. Like i said, i will make them easier as i post.
    thanks again for joining me in my goofyness:)

  4. I'm going to guess...North Carolina?

    And I'm sure that you tried this, but make sure you are in compose mode and not Edit HTML mode.

  5. I haven't traveled enough to recognize much... but I am going to throw out a guess of Indianapolis?? :)

  6. You girls are the best!!
    Jennifer, I live in Indy and we are flat as a pancake here:)You should visit. Thanks for the tip Jen...i will double check the mode next time I post.

  7. I'm going to say the smokie mountains...