Friday, September 3, 2010

Dare to Share Tip #2

Tip #2 Dare to become DESERVING!
When I first decided I wanted to try and sell my artwork, it was a scary time for me. Putting my heART out there for all the world to see was not easy and I was more or less a 'closet artist'.
Literally a 'closet artist', here is my first work space.

Ok, now that I'm totally exposed...look at it!! This was the place I came to get inspired and create! Shameful. When I couldn't stand to work in the dungeon anymore, I started to drag my stuff upstairs to the kitchen table. This was good for awhile, but every time i started to get into a piece I would have to pack it up and make dinner ,so needless to say this was not ideal either.

It took me a long time to feel deserving of a space all my own, a whole room i could call mine.

I turned the guest room into MY OWN REAL LIFE STUDIO!! It seemed silly to have a room that guest stayed in maybe 12 nights a year while I was lugging my stuff all over the house trying to find a sunny place to create in. And I'm sad to say that i didn't do this until Jan 2010, over 2 years after I stared selling my work. CRAZYNESS! But honestly there was this part of me that just didn't feel like i deserved that space for myself. When I really asked myself why i wasn't deserving of a space to create in, nothing came. It wasn't about entitlement, it was about working hard and moving forward. It is a blessing to me every time I walk in that room. It is a shame that I allowed myself to sit in the dark for so long, down in the dungeon. By becoming deservinging of that sunlight I allowed my dream to grow.

If you are an artist, do you have a space in your heart and home for your dream to grow? It doesn't have to be a whole room, but maybe it should be. How often do you use that formal dining room or guest room? You might have a sunny corner in the office or family room that is waiting for just for you.

You deserve that and God gave you your gift for a reason.



  1. Good for you! You have such a beautiful space now! I worked on our kitchen table for quite awhile too and my stuff was always in the way. Which we had a guest room that was hardly used... funny! Guess we grow and learn right. And yes, our talent deserves the space. :)

  2. Yes, I turned a spare room into my painting room & I love it!
    My blog pictures have improved since then lol!

  3. It is about hard work and moving forward! I am so glad you moved yourself out of the 'dungeon'! You are right... God did give us our gifts and talents for a reason! :) Hope you have a great long weekend!!

  4. great post! thanks for sharing. you know I still like working at the kitchen table best, but all the artistic junk has its own home now. have a blessed weekend!

  5. I am so happy for you. Your new space is beautiful. Isn't it amazing how your physical space can also symbolized your inner feelings about yourself. I'm glad that you finally felt that you deserved a special space. I've had the same feelings. I used to feel guilty spending money on art supplies and classes for me, but now I think I deserve it. And it feels wonderful! It's my soul food:)