Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Amazing True Women in My Life

I hope this post finds you healthy, happy and blessed!
It feels like forever since I've had a free hour to catch up with you. Sorry I haven't had the time to keep my blog fresh or check in on any of you to see what's been shakin'. But... I've had some great things happening so don't give up on me just yet.
On the personal side of my life I've been healthy and happy. Even with struggles (and Lord knows I have them), by the grace of God, I still feel blessed. To top it off I lost 10 pounds, yeah me because I worked for that 10 pounds! This is so new to me, this peace. All the glory goes to Him because it really is so unlike me to feel peace in all things. Last weekend I was able to really spend some time alone with God as I attended the TRUE WOMAN CONFERENCE in downtown Indianapolis Indiana. It was an inspirational weekend, filled with 7000 amazing women. The next conference is in Fort Worth TX, Oct. 14th-16th and I would highly recommend going if you need to be REVIVED! I took pictures but for some odd reason most of them are gone, not anywhere on my camera!
Here's a couple of salvaged shots...
I won't soon forget my date weekend with God, He treated me like a princess:)
It has even sparked a trip that I'll be taking with my daughter to a PURITY CONFERENCE in November . It's in Tampa and it's being held on her birthday weekend . I can't think of a better gift to give a 10 year old and my husband looks at it as an investment in her future. We gotta let our girls stay young for as long as they are young! It saddens me deeply to see what our culture is doing to our youth, but that's another rant to be left for another time.
Speaking of youth and husband and I have recently become the Youth Leaders at our Church!! It is such a blessing for us to work with these amazing teens each week. They are truly incredible kids with a strong love for God and we are so inspired to watch God work through them. This is a labor of love for us and my husband doesn't even complain that we will have to miss the Colts play on Sundays. Now that's love!
On the art side of things, I'm plugging away and trying to find time to be in my studio more. Seems like the only time I can get in there is if I have a show coming up. Shown is some recent work I made before a show I did two weekends ago. This art show did not make for the highest sales this season, but I made some amazing contacts and some cool opportunities are starting to take shape. I look forward to sharing this with you when I know more.
Speaking of cool opportunities...(man this blog post is practically writing itself) I have been invited to an Art Retreat in Lake Tahoe by my sweet friend BEV from Bev is an amazing lady with a great love of God and I am so excited she invited me. Two of my dearest, artsy girlfriends here from Indy will be making the trip with me. Again, amazing women! They inspire me, encourage me, believe in me and I love them to pieces. As Bev puts it "it will be 4 days of art, girl time, great food and wine, and music". AND Lake Tahoe! When I get home I will get back to blogging more often but you probably won't hear from me for a week or so. I'll be thinking about you with a piant brush in one hand and a glass of vino in the other!
God has truly blessed me with many beautiful friendships, a precious daughter, and a supportive mother. I'm so grateful for these amazing, true women in my life. Say a prayer today for the TRUE WOMEN IN YOUR LIFE! My God allow us to be a truly amazing woman, radiating His love like the sun.

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