Thursday, February 16, 2012

Dear Heart...and Inked Tiles

Dear Heart....

I can't believe my crazy life! God has me going and going and going and at times i feel just like the energizer bunny! I know that God has me in this place to help me grow and so that i rely on Him even more and I just LOVE it. It feels like I'm standing in the middle of the most beautiful storm, with arms wide open, completely unafraid.

Since starting this part time job with the Church, I do miss connections and friendships. Sitting over a glass of wine or a warm cup of coffee, pouring out my heart (to my sweet blog friends or to my dear friends here at home) But again, I have to say that it makes me depend on the friendship of the Lord even more. He is so dear and faithful to me and He truly fills me up. I have been called to give up many things that i love and it has not been easy. I do watch in awe as the Lord takes away and gives much more.

Recently i have decided to change my view of this blog. I want to get back to the heart of why i write this blog and as much as i enjoy every comment and follower, that is not why I blog. I blog to share my heart, to remember my journey. I have to admit that at times I have lost my way and thought more about gaining followers and less about why i'm here. I'm going to try my best to remember not to do that and honor myself by beginning each post as DEAR HEART... so for any readers that I'm blessed by, just know that this is a real journey and you have an open invitation to ride along .

Whew... felt good to get that off my chest!!!

I love the workshops i have been doing. I love the women that take my workshops, I love teaching and I love the challenge! My town has been very supportive in marketing my workshops and providing me a great venue to teach mixed media. I can't believe i have been doing these workshops for 3 years now and although it has been lots of work for little pay, I LOVE IT! I can't believe that my town recently featured me as Fishers Artist of the Month. I have even been invited to join the Fishers Arts Council and feel like this is a great opportunity to tap into the beat of my large town and be part of the growth we are experiencing. I'm just so excited!!
My dream is to host a retreat here in my town and travel the country, dare i say world Lord?, giving these mixed media workshops...not sure what God has planned for me but He has surely Blessed me as He keeps sending people that want to explore their creative spirit. The more I put the Lord first, the more fruit He provides me. I have to continue to let Him lead and allow Him to carry me because it is ALL ABOUT HIM!
I work on the curriculum for my workshops a lot which is not my favorite, but i have seen first hand what happens if I don't put my whole self into it. It's hard because I have rarely given the same workshop twice. With over 50 workshops given i'm wondering how long i can maintain this... i'll stop when it isn't fun anymore i suppose.
I want to remember this workshop "Inked Tiles" in particular because it is FUN, EASY, and good for all levels. (plus I promised this to my awesome blog friends who have been VERY patient with me. I may be slow but i keep my promises and this promise has been nagging me for months!)

Details-12 women participated and cost of workshop was $35 . Artists took home 3 tiles! I set up stations for each of the three techniques i demonstrated.

Supplies needed for TAPPING TILE technique...Can be found at most craft stores

Ceramic tiles found at most hardware stores
Ranger Alcohol inks
Ranger Blending Solution (blends, lightens, preps surface, and erases)
StazOn stamp pad
Water based sealer (Gloss Mod Podge is what I use) - picture shows gel medium but you need Mod Podge for this technique
Sponge brush for applying water base sealer
Blending tool (wood block with felt)
Assortment of rubber stamps and paper embellishment
* Always create Alcohol Inked Tiles in a well ventilated area.

-Prep your tile by squeezing a squirt of Blending Solution onto blending tool and rubbing over the entire tile surface

- Squeeze drops of ink onto the felt pad of the blending tool. Hold and squeeze 2 seconds for colors and 1 second for metallics.
- Tap onto the entire surface of tile. Add more ink or Blending Solution to the pad as desired for depth of color. Allow to dry.
-Once you have created the background of your Alcohol Inked Tile, you may rubber stamp any design using STAZ-ON rubber stamp ink. After you stamp in the top surface of tile, rub the ink pad around the sides to 'Frame' in black.

- After you have added stamp, seal the tile with your water base sealer. Remember that you will want to use a light hand while applying sealer and a one stroke motion is best. Kinda like painting our nailsJ Allow tile to dry completely.

-After the tile is completely dry you may glue, using the same water base sealer, any paper embellishments you have picked out. Dry again.
- If you would like you may add another coat of sealer.
- Display and enjoy!

Love that workshop!! It was inspiring for me to watch every artist take home these vibrant colored beauties!

I am yours
every inch
every action
every thought
they belong to you.
Thank you,
you have been there to lift me when I fall
guide me when I'm lost.
Keep me Lord
With You I can do all things.
For you are my way
you are my portion.
I love you.


  1. Beautiful post Jill! Glad to hear things are going good for you and the fun you are having with your workshops! God is good! He is always amazing me how He works in our lives. :)

  2. OH how excited I am! I am so glad to see you back blogging, however, I do understand that life can be a bit busy at times...I have missed you!!
    This tile art looks so fun and I cannot wait to give it a try....
    so happy to see you on here today..