Saturday, December 24, 2011

Wishing You and Yours a Blessed Christmas

TWO MONTHS!!! I knew it had been a long time....but TWO MONTHS!? Thank you for your unending patience with me. I wish i could be that patient with me:)

Lot's of exciting things going on here! Some things feel like more than i can handle at times, but i realize that makes me lean on HIM more.
I look forward to catching up with you over Christmas break, including my long overdue lesson on Inked Tiles, i have not forgotten!! But had to take this the midst of unwrapped gifts, uncooked food, and my unclean house, to wish you and your families a Blessed Merry Christmas. What a JOY to walk away from the organized chaos and sit with you for a bit.

Your support, prayers, and visits were a true Blessing to me in 2011 and i look forward to leaning on you and offering all the same love and prayers in 2012.

May we always remember that HE
is the reason for the season!


  1. Jill,

    Peace, joy and love to you and yours! Looking forward to your musings in 2012!


  2. Hi Jill....
    Boy, I have certainly missed you. Hope you all enjoyed a fabulous Holiday Season. I am so thankful for the wonderful friends that have come into my life this past year, you being one of them. Still looking forward to your lesson on inked tiles.
    Bless your heart....Your one of my favorites!


  3. Oh I love that song! I hope you and your family had a wonderful Christmas and I hope you have a wonderful New Year ahead! Hope to 'see' you more this next year! :)