Monday, July 18, 2011

Repuposed ART

My very favorite thing about art and being an artist is the transformation of things. It is in the creating!
It can be the clump of clay that gets made into a beautiful piece of pottery, the blank canvas that is transformed into a classic masterpiece or a million pieces or tiny glass blown in to a colorful vase.

It truly is the gift of art that inspires growth and change in so many ways.

I love taking something that may be discarded and giving it new life. I get this from my mom, also an artist, who used to make me hunt with her for flattened pop cans so she could paint different faces or animals on them. She would get inspired by the shape the old, rusty, flattened tin can would make and transform them into little pieces of art. It was very cool and a very 70's kind of thing to do.

For a few years now i have been painting on cabinet door fronts.

 I really love taking the door and turning it into art! I also enjoy working on the versatile hard wood surface. I can paint acrylics directly on the door front, like what you see above, or i can use mixed media layers. I can even pound nails into the piece if i want. Sometimes you just wanna hit something:)

Recently I held a workshop on repurposed assemblage art working on a cabinet door front. The idea was to take personal items from home and assemble them onto the door using mixed media techniques. It was  awesome to see old cabinet doors turn into these amazing pieces of art...

 This artist created a tribute to Grandma and Grandpa

 This artist gave healing to a broken heart

 this piece was made for a first grandbaby

 Commemorating Grandma, this artist used her Grandmother's earring collection!

 This artist used lot's of color and texture, awesome
 Who wouldn't want this in a beach themed room or vacation home?

An old broken doll from childhhood gives this artist her inspiration

All the doors were unique and inspiring as these women opened themselves up to the world of assemblage and repurposed art for the very first time. Two sweet artist had never even done mixed media, they totally blew us all away with thei work!

As women i think we all enjoy making things new and fresh.  It's just in us to make things pretty! We redecorate, cook and bake, sew, we even spend time making ourselves pretty.

What do you REPURPOSE? I would love to know!


  1. I'm not very good at repurposing - but I love how that door art turned out! So creative ;)

  2. What a fantastic class! How neat to see all these wonderful pieces of art come to life on the cabinet doors! I repurpose as much as possible... anything and everything. Rarely buy too much brand new! :)

  3. Wonderful post Jill. Love your statement about women and our innate desire to create, to bring forth newness...Reminds me of the Julia Cameron Quote about creativity being God's gift to us and what we do with it, our gift back to God.
    The cabinet art is fantastic. Loved seeing the different projects as unique as their creators.

  4. WOW! The wheels are turning now!!This was a fabulous peek at a new way to repurpose. I love seeing what everyone created in your workshop. I tend to repurpose a lot too, but now I have a view on doors that I never had before! :)

  5. Oh Jill...I so wish I lived next door to you. this is my kind of art, but I don't know very much about it. I'll probably visit and revisit so I can enjoy all these wonderful pieces of art..

    Warm hugs to ya

  6. These are wonderfully inspiring...I love cupboard doors, too. So wonderful of you to create the space for these women to come and play!

  7. Thank you so much for all the encouragement. The women that do my workshops are a Blessing in my life and they offer me so much more than i offer them!

  8. Great workshop! I have so many old doors in my garage. I used to paint garden themes on them and sold many. I can never have enough 'junk' and then don't want to let it go. My stash keeps growing...