Wednesday, July 27, 2011

All Puckered OUT!

I just love this picture!!

This week, as we near the end of summer, i find myself feeling like this little guy. Just plain tired, all puckered out! Writing this, admitting that i'm tired, causes me to feel a little embarrassed. WHY?! Are we not allowed to feel tired and want rest? My Mom and Grandma are always telling me to slow down, that I take on too much. Truly I enjoy biting off more then i can chew but sometimes I feel disappointed when i don't accomplish all i set out to do. 

Do you ever feel like this?  

In February of this year, I turned 40. My husband planned a amazing surprise party and my mom, knowing i love birds, made me this BIRTHDAY TREE.

She had all the special people that came to the party, sign the back of these beautiful birds she made. I have placed the tree right nest to my bedside and  it is a great daily reminder to me of where i've been and where i want to go.

As I read the words of encouragement and love from my friends and family, it renews my spirit.
I do this often.
I have also place name tags which I have recieved from various events i have attended this year on the tree.

As i look again at the sweet little bird in the nest, i am reminded that I'm growing. I'm not where i was last year or even yesterday. I am not stuck or bored and believe me, i know what that feels like.
 I'm growing and this takes hard work sometimes.

I'm gonna take it easy this week...on myself and those i love.
Join me? 


  1. Yes cut yourself some slack :) (I get it; it's hard for me to do too!) I love that bird tree - what a fabulous idea!

  2. the tree is AMAZING- what a gift your mama gave you. xoRobin

  3. Take a moment, even a moment, and rest, Jill. You deserve it. And more importantly, when you take time to rest you will find the energy, the source that is you. Which is such a blessing to us all.

  4. Thank you for your kind words ladies. Feeling like I'm ready for some weekend R and R!!

  5. The bird tree to honor your birthday, is so so adorable.

    I am tired tonight, too.