Saturday, May 8, 2010

Mother's Day!

They start off so innocent, needing so much. You feel like you're giving every part of yourself away, but love every minute of it.
I've been watching these 3 little robins in a nest on the side of my house since their mother came 2 months ago. A robin has come to this very same nest for the last 3 years. She fixes it up a little, adds and fluffs and it grows more every year. Last night was a terrible storm with very bad wind and I worried all night about these 3 little babies. Telling my family "I'm really worried about the birds" over and over. My husband says after the 5th time, in a rather bored with the subject voice, "they're birds, they will be fine". My son " Mom, what are YOU gonna do, teach them to fly?" Maybe!!! This morning I go to the nest to check on them...

Down to one, ready to leave the nest. Of course then I start to fret about the other 2, check the yard and staring out all the windows. My family is so over the bird thing by now and growing more bored by the second. Finally i spot the other babies, just fine, learning to spread their wings.
Learning to spread your wings and leaving the that can be so hard. I think all moms of every kind have trouble with this .

That's who you become MOM! And you love every minute of it. Even as they try and turn away, be on their own, become independent, you watch and you love, the grip gets loser and it's so bittersweet as they walk , fly away.

Because as Moms we all want the same thing for our babies and that's to have, know, and love more than we did. And the only way they will find their way is if we let them go, one day hoping that you'll find them again...on top of the world!

My husband and i had a especially hard time being MOMMY and DADDY this week, as we faced some issues and concerns with one of my children. Being a parent is never easy and if it is you probably aren't doing it right. All through the week we clung to each other, friends and to God, waiting for some relief and for the struggle to end. But it didn't and it hasn't and it won't.

For MOMs everywhere, this post is for you. Praise God for the gift of our babies. May you one day find them in the palm of His hands, on top of the world!



  1. You have a beautiful blog! I'm a fellow bird lover. Animal lover. So, I'll definitely be following your lovely blog!

  2. your bird story is so very sweet...i would have fretted the same as you!
    hang on to god, he knows your hurt with your is hard to go through these issues with our children...i have been there...