Wednesday, March 31, 2010

what's on the horizon

It's a new day!! I feel like I have been a sleep and just like this lily, I'm slowly opening myself up to all the world has to offer. Here is what's on my horizon... *This new blog...i can only hope someone reads it one day, but if not I'm fine with that too. I'm not in this for the fame lol. *Joining the catholic church this easter and commiting my life to God. Thank you Lord for making my path straight. *Being mentored by one of the top art gallery owners in my state * My new studio, which i love...all mine! *renewing my commitment to my health which includes, exercise, eating right, massages, and facials. Recongnizing that i deserve these things! *Getting my house and yard organized. Can you feel me on this one? *Making more time for my website and etsy page. I have had both of these for 2 years and have not put much effort into updating and keeping them fresh, therefore my efforts have not beared much fruit. So why start a blog and what will i offer? oops, out of time. I'll catch up with you soon.........

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