Monday, September 12, 2011

Tease on Tiles and 'doing what you love'

My very favorite thing about being an artist is just playing!! When i first began selling my art 4 years ago, I totally didn't get play. I was trying to create a product and forgot that i was suppose to put my heart in the work i was doing. It really showed in my art, the lack of passion, and I quickly had to let go and learn to play again. i was suppose to just be me and let the art create itself.
That is why i love mixed media so allows me to express myself in ways i can't find using just one medium or technique. That's pretty much how i am in life...gotta have 10 balls in the air, 6 lines and the water, and 4 pots on the stove. I'm just crazy like that:)

So i  love this new technique i have been working with using alcohol inks and ceramic tiles.

I simply couldn't take a picture that would do these tiles justice! The colors and shine are just stunning. If you have worked with alcohol inks you know how rich and vibrant the colors are, that's why i love using them!

These tiles were so much fun and they very much had a life of there own. I'm offering a workshop on this process next Thursday (you can find more information in my workshop page).  Friday, the 23rd i'm gonna come back and share the tutorial on how you can make these at home. Sorry to be such a tease but
I'd love you to stop back by and experience this super duper fun process with me.

Until then...

I'm excited to share "my walk" on a truly inspiring blog called Do What you Love for Life hosted by Beth Nicholls. Here is her facebook page too. Beth has a way of supporting women in who they are while inspiring others through her own walk.

Here's a little sample ...
"In 2007 I was happy. But not the kind of happy that fills you up. I was satisfied but still hungry. I think that was the first step for me in doing what I love, realizing I wasn’t filled up and feeling like I did deserved to be filled up."

Please stop over and visit Beth and read more on the journey's of people who are doing what they love for life!


  1. I love your tiles. I've always wished I had more artistic ability.

  2. Yes, we can tell you had fun. Perfect.


  3. THanks for feeling JOY in my JOY!! That's what it's all about!
    Bless you:)

  4. I love the tiles! Love, love, love them! I'm going to read your story over at Beth's place...

  5. Oh my goodness Jill....I can't wait to come back. I am so excited about this...I love doing these kind of things and my first thought was..."Jill,please show us how."
    See you soon...

  6. ah... finding the ability to infuse your PERSONAL joy with your gift. so lovely Jill!