Friday, November 26, 2010

Texture technique for your mixed media artwork

And there is no way in BEEP that I'll be hitting the mall today! Not my thing, but if it is your thing then happy shopping. I know there are some amazing deals out there.
My day will be spent making soup and preparing for my final artshow of the year. This show has been so well organized and it will be great to see all the local artist that I have really enjoyed getting to know as we do a lot of these shows together. BUT...I really need the Jan/Feb break! My business seems a little (ok a lot) disorganized these days and the dreaded tax season is right around the corner. Staying organized is not my thing either!! That's why I usually wait until the last week to prepare for shows (and taxes) that have been scheduled for months. I wonder what would happen if I ever got organized? Would the world implode?
Anyway, for all my creative friends who are in their studios today, I have a fun project for you. I may not be organized but I am thrifty and here is a creative way to get some cool texture on your mixed media artwork.
Here's what you'll need...

Gel medium

mini paint roller

empty toilet paper roll

a cut out strip of texture

*this technique can also be used with a large roller and empty paper towel roll for larger art pieces.


Secure some paper or non-slip drawer liver around your paint roller. You'll need to do this so that the toilet paper tube will fit securely. Glue the cut out texture strip around the empty toilet paper roll, textured part facing out. Pull the t.p. roll over the paint roller like this...


Roll your textured tube through paint, just as you would if you were to paint a wall.


Roll it out onto your canvas or surface.

Check out these other items I used to create texture.

Here is the result painted on surface.




I hope you'll enjoy this fun and thrifty way to create some texture in your artwork. It's not near the mess and it really is fun to just roll on. Bam! your done.

I was so excited with myself after coming up with this a few months ago that I was convinced i should have it patent . I recently went in the art supply store and much to my dismay I found a similar item marked at $12 for two tubes and a brush. Man, another dream gone:)

If I could only get organized!


  1. Loving this! Thanks for the tips...not heading out today, but maybe I can talk my husband into going to Home Depot for the small roller!

  2. WOW, I love this-thanks for sharing!
    No mall for me either and I will be eating the soup that I made yesterday! ha
    Have a great weekend!

  3. Textures are so much fun! This is a great idea putting it on a roller... love it! I am with you... no shopping for me today. I was busy working my ornaments! :)

  4. This is the first time I visit your blog and I love it. For sure I will be back! Thank you so much for sharing all those wonderful yet easy techniques. I will try them as soon as I can! I never go shopping on Black Fridays, too many people out there. I stayed at home working because next week I have 4 days of bazaars!

    Have a Lovely Weekend and Enjoy the Ride!

  5. What a fun way to use texture. I am a HUGE fan of texture in my paintings....I actually use joint compound in many. Best wishes to you.

  6. I did not shop on Friday either as I don't do the mall thing but I am so happy you shared this roller rad with us. Thankful 4 ya

  7. Some fab textures there, so juicy!

  8. Ooooh, what a fun idea! I didn't brave the crowds on Friday, I stayed home in my jammies and shopped online :)

  9. VERY COOL! I hope you and your family had a lovely holiday dear friend. I have been thinking about you.

  10. I stayed home! I'm going to try this for sure, love your technique and love texture!! I just love when one of us shares a great idea (slap my forehead, why didn't I think of that???)

  11. oh my lord, no shopping on black friday for me either...i'm really not a shopping kind of gal anyway....unless it's art supplies!
    i love the burlap and yarn textures jill, i'm gonna try these!

  12. Great ideas to share with everyone, Jill! Thanks for another wonderful workshop tonight. You are a blessing to all of us . . . inspiration, smiles, art, good company. I can't think of a better way to spend an evening! Looking forward to next week, too!

  13. This is going to give me lots of ideas to use, not just on the canvas, but for a small area of a wall which is needing something interesting to look at. Thank you!

  14. Thanks for sharing this, it looks like it'll be fun to play with :)